Sustainability TV

Have you seen Sustainability TV? A SBA grad works there.
Here are some quotes from their website:
“What is Sustainability Television?
Sustainability Television is the space that links television, the internet, and mobile devices to help foster community and the empowerment and equal access to the media for all people… from Alaska to the South Pole and all points in between..”
“How do we do this? STV creates true unfettered access to media both by shooting content that you may not see anywhere else, and by giving you the ability to share your empowering stories as well”

“We believe nobody has a monopoly on ideas and nobody get’s to say you’re not good enough.”

“We believe people are ready to be informed, discover and share resources, then take the necessary actions that create communities that we all can be proud of for generations to come.”

“Each piece of information you upload is tagged with a map location where the content was shot or originates from. Through the “change my location” feature; our servers will pull information from your local area, helping you to share that info with people in your community first, and also with the rest of the world.”

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