Ten Things to Do to Advance Sustainability in the Built Environment

This is just the opening of an idea. There are a lot of lists, books, suggestions on things that should be done, policy changes that should be made or supported, things to do to reduce one’s carbon footprint, ecological impact, dependence on fossil fuels, etc. The idea here is, what might an individual do, right now, that would support and advance sustainability (the ability of the environment we build to nourish and provide sustenance for ourselves and others)? We don’t know for certain (for example) if switching to CFLs will reduce mercury pollution into the biosphere, as well as provide us with more energy efficient light. This has been one of the most recognized and promoted strategies. So, in no particular order, here is the first submission:
1. Examine one’s own needs for sustenance, nourishment, and fulfillment, and reflect on how those needs might be met through interaction with the natural environment, the built environment, and other individuals and species. The intent here (to borrow LEED terminology), is to develop a personal value system that promotes integrity and helps advance sustainability in the built environment.

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