Solar Canopy


The Solar Canopy Illumination System provides daylight to the core of multi-floor office buildings to substantially reduce the need for electric lighting and reduce green- house gas emissions.

The project aims to establish the cost-effectiveness of this core daylighting system through a variety of demonstration installations.

This technology has been extensively evaluated in a test facility and demonstrations in existing buildings are currently underway. The technology will be commercially available within the next few years.

The system, designed by UBC, consists of two sets of components:

The Solar Canopies

  • collect the sunlight on the exterior facade
  • act as integrated architectural design elements for the building
  • protect the interior optical elements from the weather

The Dual Function Prism Light Guides

  • replace conventional light fixtures
  • distribute the collected sunlight within the building core
  • integrate standard dimming electric lighting fixtures
  • provide efficient electrical lighting when necessary

Solar Canopy-Main Page1.

This system is the first core daylighting system with potential for widespread adoption and tremendous reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

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