Further to the discussion of public transit in the lower mainland, BC, (especially in light of suggestions that the announcements of closures during the Olympics for private vehicle traffic may serve as a catalyst for commuters to consider transit options)… here is an effort by local organizations to take a long view of transportation solutions. The site listed below has a map of the original and still existing Interurban light rail line.

The Interurban Now campaign is an ongoing campaign by VALTAC, Rail for the Valley and others to promote the re activation of the old 1910 BCER interurban rail corridor as a major passenger transit corridor. The route has many natural advantages, not least of which is the fact that BC Hydro (Prov of BC) own the rail corridor and Fraser Valley communities originally grew based on this important rail corridor. As a result many long established town centres, schools and employment centres still lie adjacent to the route.

When the line was first built it served a Fraser valley population of 18,000. When the Fraser Valley passenger service was suspended in 1950 there were less than 80,000 people living throughout the Valley. Today over 800,000 people live in Valley communities.


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