VCEC Green Roof

We (the Vancouver Sustainable Building Advisor Program group) toured the new VCEC on Saturday – thank you to Robert Abbenhuis of Stantec. One feature not mentioned in the related article linked here that we observed is the presence of bee hives on the roof- the bees are necessary to pollinate the plants. More photography from Colin Janz will be posted soon.

view of part of the 6 acre green roof
view of part of the 6 acre green roof- photography by Colin

A natural habitat

One of the convention center’s most striking features is a landscaped, 5.5-acre living roof, which is equal to more than four football fields in size.

The building’s design features a series of folded forms introduced in the surrounding landscape and building geometry that gradually step up and culminate with the massive green roof. Covered with more than 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses, this living structure will be provide natural habitat as well as an extensive permeable surface for absorbing rainwater and slowing stormwater runoff.

The convention center will connect with the existing harbor greenbelt, extending the public path and bike trail across the site and visually linking to the current park system, which includes Stanley Park at the city’s western tip.

The convention center also will restore part of the marine environment. Working with marine biologists, LMN developed plans to restore the shoreline and create new underwater habitat as part of the building’s foundation. (MARK REDDINGTON and TOM BURGESS
LMN Architects)

read original post from Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce

SBAP tour of Vancouver Convention Exhibition Centre- photography by Colin Janz
SBAP tour of Vancouver Convention Exhibition Centre- photography by Colin Janz

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