Wind Energy in the Northwest

Offshore Wind Energy Blows In To NW Coast
Offshore Wind Energy

Here’s a little context of the development of renewable energy generation from not too far away. Renewable energy is the next big “gold rush” as these articles portray:

Wind-power growth across Canada has been exponential over the past five years and that is expected to continue over the next decade.

Canada at present has just over 1,800 megawatts of installed capacity, or about the same as B.C.’s third largest dam, Mica.

Huggill noted a BC Hydro report has suggested there is potential in B.C. for installations contributing 3,500 megawatts to the power grid.

That’s about 20 per cent larger than the capacity at the Shrum Generating Station at the Bennett Dam on the Peace River — B.C.’s single largest power source.

Hydro is preparing to issue a clean energy call for new private-sector sources of electricity generation, and Huggill expects the sector to make a strong response.

“We see developers of all shapes and sizes lining up to get involved in British Columbia.

from Scott Simpson’s June 2008 article in the Vancouver Sun, B.C.’s wind-power industry looks to a bright future

BCHydro has a wind power map available for online viewing

Oregon Public Broadcasting has a series of articles on energy, including a look at the mix of coal fired power plants to hydroelectric supplied electricity in the Northwest.

for a feisty view of the politics of wind energy development, see the Tyee article, BC’s Billion-Dollar Wind Power Giveaway

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