Transportation Strategic Plan

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City of Surrey – Utilities & Transportation – Transportation – Transportation Strategic Plan.

TRANSPORTATION STRATEGY – “Transportation Working for Everyone”


We believe that transportation cannot be thought of as just a means to an end but as a key influence on very many aspects of our lives. Surrey is a diverse, vibrant and growing City and we are working hard on making it an even better place to live and work by tackling crime, incorporating sustainability principles in our decision making, providing the right conditions for employment, enhancing the environment in which we live and improving the liveability of our neighbourhoods and town centres. How the transportation system is planned, improved and operated is fundamental to making these changes happen.To reflect the importance transportation has in delivering these goals, we developed 6 Principles that we believed represented what a good transportation system should achieve.

  • Effectively and efficiently managing the road network
  • Providing more travel choice
  • Improving the safety and health of our communities
  • Supporting the economic well-being of the City
  • Protecting the environment
  • Integrating transportation with land use

Adoption of these principles will help Surrey move towards a sustainable, efficient, cost effective, affordable, accessible and environmentally sound transportation system. They also allow us to properly examine the issues around transportation, develop strategies to deal with these and provide a framework for monitoring and communicating our progress.

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