Ten Things to Advance Sustainability in the Built Environment- Number Three


REGARD FLOW– Things that flow: Water, Blood, Air, Traffic, Pedestrians, Architecture, Sound, Music, Light, Wind, Electricity, Electromagnetic Energy, Energy, Movement, Dance, Snow, Glaciers, Stone, Populations, Migrations, Cash, Economies, Wealth, Sap, Sand, Clay, Radiation, Heat, Coolness, Oceans, Rivers, Cells, Clothing, Transportation, Knowledge, Song, Birds, Flight, Color, Landscapes, Consciousness, Memory, Language, Paths, Roads, Currents, Fragrances, Oil, Chemicals, Sunlight, Silt, Soils, Bacteria, Viruses, Information, Inventions, Innovation, Minerals, Philosophy, Ideas, Movements, Revolutions, Electrons, Creativity, Materials, Products, Resources, Sewage, Landfills, Suburbs, Wildlife Corridors, Glass, Aluminum, Steel, Attention, Sight, Hearing, Touch, Continents, Constellations, Galaxies, Beards, Bark, Magma, Affection….

The maintenance and creation of water features of all kinds in our environment is of vital importance. Even though water supplies are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, public consciousness regarding water’s value and preciousness is in need of a boost. It is especially important to develop water features which are designed in water’s own terms, that is in terms of flowing pulsing movements over intimately caressed surfaces. This in itself should make us more aware of this element’s extraordinary qualities in the forming and upholding of our environment. As we enhance our understanding so do we learn to value it in new ways and take greater responsibility for its use in everyday life.


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