Ten Things to Advance Sustainability in the Built Environment #5: Is it kind, true, & necessary?

The ancient advice about considering before speaking: “Is it kind, true, and necessary?” can also be applied to design of the built environment. Design represents any order, system, project, architecture, artifice, or alteration of nature:

Is the design kind: considerate and considered?; compassionate to life?; conducive to comfort?; tolerant of differences?; humane?; recognizing the oneness of life (wholistic thinking)?; reflecting kinship with all life?

Is the design true: sound?; trustworthy?; genuine?; faithfully reflecting the intent?; consistent with the reality of its context?; verifiable? worthy of existing?

Is the design necessary? absolutely essential?; indispensable? needed? economical?; worthwhile?; beneficial?; meaningful?;

Here’s an opportunity, certainly necessary, obviously in need of true, sound, and empathetic design:

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What is the Open Architecture Network?

The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. Here designers of all persuasions can:

• Share their ideas, designs and plans
• View and review designs posted by others
• Collaborate with each other, people in other professions and community leaders to address specific design challenges
• Manage design projects from concept to implementation
• Communicate easily amongst team members
• Protect their intellectual property rights using the Creative Commons “some rights reserved” licensing system and be shielded from unwarranted liability
• Build a more sustainable future

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