A Conversation with Shaun St. Amour

Passive House bike tour July 2020
Recorded conversation with Shaun St. Amour and Steven Bishop

Shaun St. Amour (Owner, Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation and Product Consultant for 475 High-Performance Building Supply) and I had a far-reaching discussion about the current high-performance building environment, Passive House, and much more. Check out the links to topics referenced in our conversation to provide an idea of the content of the recording.

Global Passive House Happy Hour

Passive House Accelerator

Practical Energy and Advanced Knowledge – Buildings program

Five Principles of Passive House (Passive House Canada ebook)

BC Energy Step Code

Early Passive House project in South Surrey BC

Bella Bella Passive House case study

Little Mountain Co-housing project

Gord Cooke—Building Knowledge Canada

Saskatchewan Conservation House

Ice-box Challenge

Diffusion of Innovations (book by Everett Rogers)

Clearing the Air: Zehnders, Fresh Air & Wildfire Smoke Strategies

The top not-entirely-depressing climate reads of 2020 (What on Earth CBC episode)

City of Vancouver Climate Emergency Action Plan

Vancouver Economy Report (Vancouver Economic Commission, October 2020)

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