Conversation with Jovian Radheshwar, PhD

Science World, Vancouver, BC from Habitat Island

Jovian Radheshwar, PhD is a friend and political science instructor at Douglas College. His areas of focus include globalization, political economy, modern political theory, postmodernism, security studies, international institutions, Black studies, Hip-Hop and politics, American politics and history, Indian politics and history, Pakistani politics and history. Jovian asked me to contribute as a guest instructor to his Introduction to International Studies course. I provided two readings for the class, and we discussed them in this recorded dialogue. The readings referred to are:

  1. How the built environment can help the climate crisis (Brower, 2021) 2 pages
  2. Selections from: Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment: Community Solutions West Bowl Case Study Report July 1, 2020 (Elements Lab School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, UBC, 2020)
    1. Introduction – 7 pages
    2. Spatializing Policy Options – 4 pages
    3. Urban Form & Livability – 20 pages
    4. Energy and Emissions – 9 pages

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