Wednesday night online check-ins


Free, open Zoom drop-in sessions

We’ve been having Wednesday night online check-ins for a while now – these are free and open to anyone interested in PEAK-Buildings topics. Here are some recent topics that participants have been interested in and that we have discussed during the Zoom sessions:

  • mitigating heat dome effects with building enclosure strategies
  • modular building solutions for housing issues
  • career-development paths to enter the building-based sector, and how to leverage your prior learning and new interests in sustainable design, climate-responsive, and energy-efficiency fields.
  • Life-cycle assessment and energy modelling software and skill development: free and low-cost training opportunities
  • Current resume-building volunteer opportunities to participate in LEED, STARS, and outreach efforts

For more information, and an invitation to participate, please email

Here is a link to an upcoming opportunity to learn about Life Cycle Assessment software used for whole-life carbon studies for North American construction that one of the students brought up last night, relevant to her work as a Sustainability Specialist:

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