A Conversation with Shaun St. Amour

Shaun St. Amour (Owner, Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation and Product Consultant for 475 High-Performance Building Supply) and I had a far-reaching discussion about the current high-performance building environment, Passive House, and much more. Check out the links to topics referenced in our conversation to provide an idea of the content of the recording. Global Passive…

New Building Energy and Resource Program

Apologies for the lack of posts for a long time….Here’s what’s been happening, two years in the making.  A team of people, with support from Natural Resources Canada, BC Hydro and many local and regional stakeholders, have developed a comprehensive new program targeting energy and resource consumption and solutions for buildings and the built environment….

Cloud Computing

If designers, architects, engineers, general contractors, energy auditors, land use planners and policy makers are able to access services that use vast sets of dynamic, complex and otherwise un-integrated data on the cloud for pennies a minute, think of the massive impact this could have on buildings, infrastructure, land use and urban design and policy-making….