New Building Energy and Resource Program

Apologies for the lack of posts for a long time….Here’s what’s been happening, two years in the making.  A team of people, with support from Natural Resources Canada, BC Hydro and many local and regional stakeholders, have developed a comprehensive new program targeting energy and resource consumption and solutions for buildings and the built environment….

Ten Things to Advance Sustainability in the Built Environment #5: Is it kind, true, & necessary?

The ancient advice about considering before speaking: “Is it kind, true, and necessary?” can also be applied to design of the built environment. Design represents any order, system, project, architecture, artifice, or alteration of nature: Is the design kind: considerate and considered?; compassionate to life?; conducive to comfort?; tolerant of differences?; humane?; recognizing the oneness…

Surrey Town Centres Open Competition

VIEW FROM SEMIAHMOO SITE TOWARDS WHITE ROCK The City of Surrey is hosting an  open to all ideas competition for five centres in Surrey: “Shifting towards Sustainable Suburbs” Map of Surrey’s Historic Neighbourhoods visit the Surrey Townshift site  

Sailing Grain

Local Sailors transport Community Supported Agriculture grain from Creston, BC to Nelson, BC: visit the Deconstructing Dinner site, replete with articles, audio clips, and lots of photographs

Vancouver 10-year Green Plan

Mayor Gregor Robertson announced an ambitious 10-year plan Tuesday to make Vancouver the world’s greenest city by 2020.  Robertson presented the plan to Gaining Ground-Resilient Cities conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre. “As in many other cities, Vancouver’s ecological footprint is far too large despite having decisions made decades ago to keep freeways out of…

Andres Duany, Architect and Urban Theorist

Part 1: Introduction; Background; Suburban sprawl patterns; the four major components; public realm/private realm Part 2: Zoning/Codes; Single Use vs. Mixed Use Planning; Traffic and congestion issues; Quality of Life issues; Scale and relation to physical compatibility vs. functional compatibility 9 part New Urbanism case study lecture Andres Duany, Architect and Urban Theorist.

Jane Jacobs

Here’s another of a few influential people I’ve come across, in one way or another, that could be said to be advancing sustainability in the built environment. She was not without critics, and possibly did not use the term “sustainable”- all of which makes her that much more interesting… Jane Jacobs was an American-born Canadian…

Stern: On Climate, Pessimism Is No Option – NYTimes

Stern: On Climate, Pessimism Is No Option – Green Inc. Blog – Sir Nicholas Stern, Britain’s chief climate change economist, was optimistic about a new global warming treaty in December… the economics adviser to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the author of a massive 2006 study on the cost of climate change,…

Interview with David Suzuki

David Suzuki speaks on human nature, cooperation, connection with the natural world, and his new book, “The Big Picture” Shelagh Rogers interview with David Suzuki (podcast from CBC)